Henry Thackeray Schwabe (1865 – 1950)

henry thackeray schwabe 96 dpiA copyHenry Thackeray Schwabe was born in 1865, the son of Louis and Blanche (Hartwright) Schwabe.

He married Gertrude Whiteside Cook on 5 July 1894 in St Mary Abbot Church, Kensington, London.

Engagement of Henry Tackeray Schwabe May 28 1894

28 May 1894

Henry died on 24 October 1950 at The Grove, Ashbourne, Derbyshire.

Gertrude was the daughter of Harry Cook and Millicent Hamilton Johnson and was born in Essex, and died on 16 September 1938 at The Grove, Ashbourne.

The children of Henry and Gertrude are:

  1. VIOLET MILLICENT BLANCHE born on 2 April 1895, at Brook Standon, Brentwood and died on 21 April 1918 at Beesthorpe Hall, Caunton, Newark-on-Trent;
  3. HUBERT BASIL, born on 21 July 1903 and died in 1993;
  4. JOCELYN, born on 30 November 1904 and died in 1983; and
  5. ENID MARGERY THACKERAY, born in 1905 and died on 8 July 1915, at Beesthorpe Hall, Newark-on-Trent.

Below the 1901 census. The family is residing at Upwoods House which is shown below the census record.
Henry Thackeray SChwabe on 1901 census
Below the 1911 census
Henry Thackeray Schwabe and Family on 1911 census
Beesthorpe Hall where Violet and Enid died.
Beesthorpe Hall

Thackeray Schwabe Ad  1927

May 1927

Some Schwabe probate records:

Gertrude Whiteside Schwabe

Gertrude Whiteside Schwabe Probate

Enid Margery Thackeray Schwabe

Eneid Margery Thackeray Schwabe Probate

Violet Millicent Blanche Thackeray Schwabe:

Violet Millicent Blanche Schwabe Probate

Henry Thackeray Schwabe:

Henry Thackeray Schwabe Probate

Mrs Schwabe Portrait Mention