Louis Schwabe (1831 – 1922)

Louis Schwabe was born on 27 August 1831 at Manchester, the son of Louis and Eliza (Thackeray) Schwabe. His baptism on 23 September at St. Anne’s is below:Louis Schwabe baptism 1841

He married Elizabeth Blanche Hartwright in April 1864 at Chorlton, Lancashire.

Louis died on 30 April 1922 at Hart Hill, Eccles Road in Pendelton.

Elizabeth Blanche was born on 10 November 1843 in Manchester, the daughter of William Hartwright (1787 – 1854) and Elizabeth Giles (1804 – 1875) . She died on 7 December 1921 at Hart Hill, Eccles Road in Pendelton. For more on the Hartwright family click here.

The children of Louis and Blanche are:

  3. CONSTANCE BLANCHE SCHWABE, was born in 1869;
  4. ARTHUR PERCY SCHWABE, was born in June 1877 and died on 11 May 1879, at Leaf Street, Pendleton, Manchester;
  5. IRENE ROSALIE SCHWABE, was born in 1872 and died on 8 August 1937, at Friars Croft Park Drive, Hale; and

louis schwabe two at 72dpi[2]NOTE: The secretary of the Cross Street Unitarian chapel at Manchester has provided the following listing of baptisms at the chapel which include Louis’s children and which can be read HERE (<— in PDF). Unfortunately he transcribes ‘George Bowstead’ as ‘George Boris’ which has been the cause of some confusion.

The following press clipping which has been transcribed has passed down through the family and quotes Louis Schwabe’s recollections of an event involving his father Louis Schwabe (1798 – 1845). Unfortunately, the clipping comes undated and without the source.

Mr. Louis Schwabe, whose name was mentioned by Mr. Hewitt in last week’s “City News,” lived at No.1, Plymouth Grove, and his son, also named Louis Schwabe, dwelt there some seven years, from about the year 1839. The latter is, therefore, one of the oldest surviving of the former residents in that locality. His father was a manufacturer of silks in Portland street. He remembers the chains and posts which have so frequently been referred to, and also a number of the former inhabitants, including Mr. Mackay, who was Mayor of Manchester, and Mr. S. L. Behrens. In regard to the latter he states:

“My father once saved three of his sons from drowning. The boys were coming home from school in Dover street and went to skate on the pool; the ice gave way, and they were plunged into the water. My father at once took off his coat and succeeded in rescuing all three. We have at home a silver goblet given by Mr. S. L. Behrens to my father in commemoration of this event.”

Mr. Schwabe is now eighty-two years of age and his recollections of the district are, therefore, of special interest. X. Y. Z. [Note: If Louis Schwabe was 82 at the time this article was written then it must have been written 1912-1913].

Subsequent to the above the original article about the incident has been recovered from The Manchester Guardian for 1 December 1838 below:

The Manchester Guardian 1 December 1838

The Manchester Guardian 1 December 1838

Below, Hart Hill the Schwabe family home from the 1880’s to 1925 when it was sold to Salford City Council and demolished in 1927.

Hart Hill b Hart Hill a

Some Census Data: 1861
Louis Schwabe II on 1861 census

1871 page oneLouis Schwabe II and family on 1871 census page 1

1871 page twoLouis Schwabe II on 1871 census page 2

1881 Page OneLouis Schwabe Ii on 1881 census page 1

1881 Page TwoLouis Schwabe II on 1891 census page two

1891 (very last line) Page OneLouis Schwabe on 1891 census page 1

1891 – continued – Louis Schwabe on 1891 census page 2

1901 Census  Louis Schwabe on 1901 census2
1911 Census
Louis Schwabe on 1911 censusZill and Schwabe 1921Zill and Schwabe Fire July 16,1887

Zill and Schwabe , November 23, 1909


Louis Schwabe’s
Louis Schwabe Probate

Elizabeth Blanche Schwabe’s

Elizabeth Blanche Schwabe Probate

Their daughter Irene Rosalie’sIrene Roslaie Schwabe Probate

So far we have been unable to locate a record for the birth of George. His middle name is of interest as explained on the Boustead – Schwabe page on this website HERE.  He died quite young (26) and his death was announced in the Manchester Guardian on 23 March 1909:George B Schwabe Death March 23 1909

His funeral was noted in a local newspaper below. What is of interest too is the reference to Louis Breslauer among the ‘chief mourners’ and his son Edwin Breslauer. Louis was the brother of Adolphus Bresalauer who married Theresa Reis. Theresa’s brother Alphonse Louis Reis was the grandfather of Allwynne Reis who married Frank Otto Stoe ManFuneral of G B Schwabe brother of Thackeray 26 March 1909

George’s death registry is below. It shows that he died from a coma induced by Diabetes Mellitus and that the certificate was signed by his brother in law Dr. Alexander Stewart.

George Boustead Schwabe Death Certificate Edited for Web

George’s probate record is below.George Bowstead Schwabe Probate


Constance Blanche Schwabe Marriage June 20 1891

20 June 1891

Constance married Alexander Stewart MD on 18 June 1891 at St Luke’s near Eccles, Salford, Lancashire. He was 36 and she 23.
Constance Blanche Schwabe Marriage

While residing at South Bank, Eccles Road, Pendelton they had at least the following children:

  1.  Hugh Louis Garth Stewart
  2.  Kenneth Alexander Stewart -Baptism: 19 November 1893 St Luke, Weaste, Lancs.
  3.  Margaret Blanche Stewart –  Baptism 2 December 1894 St Luke, Weaste, Lancs.
  4.  Constance Olga Stewart was born on 8 August 1898 and died unmarried in June 1980 at Ludlow, Shropshire.

1911 Census
The family has been found on the 1911 census:

Alexander Stewart on 1911 censusAlexander Stewart died 19 July 1917Alexander Stewart Probate Annoucement 1917

Kenneth Alexander Stewart – 27, Cotton Merchant, Bachelor, Hollywood Pendleton married Kathleen Fletcher – 28, Spinster, 10 The Polygon Eccles. The groom’s father was Alexander Stewart, decd., Doctor. The bride’s father was Richard Fletcher, Corn Merchant
Witness: Richard Fletcher; C. B. Stewart; Louis Schwabe.Kenneth Alexander Stweart Marriage

Constance’s Probate Record is below:Constance Blanche Stewart Probate

Hugh Louis Garth Stewart’s probate is below:Hugh Louis Garth Stewart Probate

Kenneth Alexander Stewart’s probate:Kenneth Alexander Stewart ProbateSo far no descendants of this ‘Stewart’ line appears to have survived.