Clara Wolff (1848 – 1896)


Clara (Wolff) May

Clara Mathilda Wolff was born in 1848, the daughter of Moritz Wolff and Fanny Maria Schwabe.

She died aged 47 years in London on 25 March 1896 and is buried at the Brompton Cemetery.

She married Frederick Albert May in 1872, half brother of her sister Ida’s husband Thomas May (see May Family page).  Frederick was born in 1842 and died 16 June 1908 in Parkstone, Dorset.  After Clara died he later remarried. Clara and Frederick had twins:

  • Clara Fanny
  • Frederick

They were born on 10 October 1872, Hamburg, Germany. Although Frederick married he had no children of his own although he appears to have adopted his wife’s son.

Clara’s sister Ida married Thomas May and (it is believed) the only living descendants of both the Wolff and May families are through Ida. Clara Mathilda May Probate

 Below, Frederick’s probate record:

Frederick Albert May Probate

CLARA FANNY MAY (1872 – 1948)

Clara May

Clara May

Clara May was the daughter of Clara Wolff and Frederick May. Known as ‘Aunty May’ or ‘Toots’. She never married. She spent most of her early life as ‘housekeeper’ for her uncle Gustav Wilhelm Wolff.

She had a series of terriers. One called ‘Twink’  lent its name to the family expression ‘Wait Twinky wait’ which meant ‘be patient’.

Once on a birthday her uncle Gustav gave her a string of pearls (see picture left) that were as long as she was tall which she wasn’t very.  She had a Rolls and a Lancaster and lived in London and then Oxshott.Clara Fanny May Probatemiss_may_staff_newspaper_clipping